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The Husband and Wife Debate

So, as usual, the weekend arrived after a grumpy working week, so what do you do make it exciting? Watch Netflix, catch up with friends, play badminton, do nothing and most importantly, eat good food.

And we were on the way to meet some friends and have our favorite Thai food at Jai Siam Thai at Joo Chiat. We were getting late, don’t really know what did we do the whole day, but really got late by 15 minutes. And there is a perpetual fight for getting cab on weekends. And dear god, after the Grab-Uber drama, it has almost become impossible to get cabs at the right time. Note: please add 15 minutes to your travelling time if ever you decide to take Grab.

After much trying, we decided to flag a cab. But were we successful? Answer is NO.

And I am still on whatsapp when I was disturbed by my husband, Kaushik “who is it that you are chatting with, what is so important that you can not keep your phone down even in this dire situation of being without a cab.” “Oh sorry, are we not getting a cab still?” “NO” “Sorry, I was actually discussing about my recipe notes with a friend, she wants a copy, I am going to email her.” “Oh you have created such a book? How is it” “Its actually very simple, these are the recipes that I have tried, of course not originated from me, but I have added some twists (based on the grocery situation at home at that time), nothing great” “But why don’t you start your own blog and publish these” “You know, that’s a good idea, but you see I am not quite a writer, like I can finish the whole 300 pages storytelling in 2 sentences. So you can imagine my blog will be no longer than 2 pages” “Oh Come on, I am sure you can do it, just give it a try”.

This is when I decided that I will start writing about my small little things. And I was also inspired by the film “Julie & Julia” starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, and here I am writing about it & I assigned the responsibility of setting up of the blog to my hubby 😉

This is really going to be challenging for someone like me, being very straight forward in life and at work generally, But but, I am really trying to elaborate my experiences and share with you the journey of home chef’s world.

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