Amsterdam, Albert Cuyp Market
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Albert Cuyp Market:

We did not order too much at Avocado Show, as my Post lunch was at the Albert Cuyp Market. Always go hungry to this place, else you can not fit in everything this place has to offer. The best part about Europe is that the food is Non GMO, fresh from the farms, straight into your tummy.

I went wild, I wanted to eat everything my eyes could see, tomatoes, cheese, dips, waffles, berries, breads, pofferjtes, ice creams, olives, coffees, brownies, artichokes…huh I am tired of writing, but never of eating. A Food Monster, that is what I call myself these days. I tried everything, literally everything !! to absolutely not miss are the Stroopwaffles, native to this place, they are made fresh and served to you hot. I am not a fan of hot waffles, but these were really tasty and crispy. The maple sauce sandwiched between the two thin layers of waffles, and the best part was they were not overtly sweet. Sweet but not sweet.

Then there was this Turkish bread, run by a Turkish family, they have their stall for many years, making of Turkish bread, again these are very thin, thinner than crepes, and comes with several fillings inside, I got the one with spinach and Feta.

Also, do not, absolutely not, forget to try on the various middle eastern dips, you can buy as many as you want, hummus, spinach and feta dip, baba ganoush, Cacik, Labneh, etc etc etc. carry some back to have at your hotel. Its never enough ! and end your walk with some tomatoes and local cheese, Edam and others…trust me there are thousands of them. I got some packed.

The lanes are so beautiful and full of charms, that you want to get lost and never be found. Keep walking and live in this dreamland. The city is bustling with bicyclers, not a hint of traffic, happy people. I am reliving my trip while writing about it.

Tried Dishes: Cheeses, Stroopwaffles, Turkish Bread and Dips, Tomatoes, brownies and several others

Pocket Load: EUR 15-20 per person


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