Amsterdam, Mangia Pizza
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This place we tried on our Trip to Amsterdam last this Spring. The canal cruise ends at Museum Square, we took a tram from there to this Italian place called Magia Pizza, run by a family from Naples, Italy, this place gives other Italian places a run for their business. A typical Italian set up, the only focus is good food. And our stars were so much aligned that we got seated next to an Italian Foodie family, who were so surprised to see us. In a way they thought how could we, the tourists, have landed at this hidden restaurant, which is famous amongst locals. And there was no brown skin in the whole vicinity (I apologize for a little racist writing but this is how I could best describe their expression). The couple was itching to find out, and they broke the ice immediately. They started talking to us, asking about our trip and how we found out this place, we shared our experiences and went on talking. And they are the ones who helped us order. The pizza, Pasta and dessert. This pizza was very unique in shape, taste and everything. It was folded and stuffed with veggies, topped with cheese. We finished in no time. Then comes our Pasta, the name of the pasta was xyzini….so complicated that I don’t remember. Whatever it was, it was yumm. We could not get enough of it, I stuffed myself. There was no place left for desserts but I still wanted to have more. The Italian couple suggested a dish, that was not on the menu, I did not even ask for the name, the couple had gained my trust by now. It was made up of cheese of course (Ricotta), and oranges and crème. That couple got my blessings for life ! I wish you get equally lucky on your trip to Amsterdam. Wow the day ended on a happy fulfilling note and tummy. We headed back to the hotel. !!

Tried Dishes: Vegetarian Pizza, some pasta, some dessert

Pocket Load: EUR 25-30 per person


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