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Indian vegetarian food in Hanoi, Vietnam, easy to find? Lets find out…


When visiting Asian countries, you have to be very careful, as most of the restaurants have sauces of different kinds, some consider Fish as edible for vegetarians, then there are prawn sauce, fish sauce etc. So ‘No Fish, No Meat, No egg’ ok laah.

The Story:

On our trip to Vietnam, we had decent choices of food, thanks to one of our friend, who is very good at researching places, he recommended this restaurant called Namaste-Ha-Noi which has very good ratings & some awesome Indian vegetarian food, so we went.

After full day roaming around the city, we reached here close to 10 pm, the restaurant shuts at 10 pm, we were the last customers that day. On our entry, the owner said restaurant is closed. After much insisting and using the vegetarian card, he accepted us inside, but very strictly, there will be only first and last order.

So 6 of us ordered food for 10 of us, all hungry like hell. Though I have not been to hell, but you know, this is the saying.

All that we ordered had a street style fragrance, surely the chef was from some Pahadi place (Hilly place) in India, as this was native to that. Now I don’t remember what we ordered, but whatever it was, it was very good. Ya, I think we ordered everything!

The End:

The owner must have thought to himself, that he was rude to us, so while we were finishing, he walked up to us and said “Sorry I don’t mean to be rude to you, but I have to take care of my Chef, he starts at 11 am and ends at 10 pm, he gets tired, this place is what it is, is because of him. If I upset him, my business goes down, it’s a cycle.”

After this we had massive respect for this person, and we promised to him, we will be back soon.

 Tried Dishes: Don’t remember !!

Pocket load: SGD 10 – 15 per person

Coordinates for Namaste Ha Noi:

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