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Oso may sound like a Japanese place, but it’s a fine Italian dining. Too fine and too classy. So on our ‘one of the Anniversaries’ (by writing this way, I am making ourselves sound so old) we took a trip to Oso, at that time it used to be housed at the most iconic shophouses of Singapore near Outram park. Having a Husband who is into properties has its advantages in exploring the Real Estates.

The entrance is all decked up, warm yellow lights, warm people and warm candles. The staff showed us to our table which was tucked away, only a little private, not that I wanted even that much, but some assumptions they made for our anniversary dinner. Discounted. At 7 pm, the resto was buzzing with eurasians, too many at a time, but the impressing part was people were smiling, laughing and just not writing ‘lolz’on social media.

Coming back to food, we ordered for a Burrata followed by Ravioli and we were done. It was too much food at a time, and forget about the calories intake, but anyways who wants think about calories during celebrations. The ambience was 10 on 10 and so was the food. And the icing on the cake was the cake itself, which was unordered but was on the house for the occasion, here goes another calories bomb. All in all the experience was too elegant and we enjoyed our evening.

Treid dishes: Burrata and Ravioli

pocket load: SGD 50-60 per person


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