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If you are an expat living in Singapore, and you have no kids, trust me you have a lot of time to spend for your Food Excursions over the weekends, esp brunch in Dempsey Hill, I mean brunch in Singapore

One such Sunday, we went for a brunch at this place, with and recommended by a friend.

It was supposed to be a brunch but turned out to be a lunch, you know oversleeping on weekends is a big thing in my life, well sleeping is the second big thing in my life after food.


This one is set right at the end of the Dempsey hill main cluster (next to Blu Kouzina). Again its by the much hyped PS Café group in Singapore. PS mainly serves western cuisine.

Food Style:

As the name is self-explanatory, this serves Chinese cuisine, mainly Sichuan Chinese as the staff explained. And I was surprised to see they have so many vegetarian dishes, some they can even make vegan, an element of surprise.

Our Food Story:

So the friend who came along, had been here before, so she knew exactly what to order. As I call myself a Hungry Young Woman, when I get excited, I want to order everything on the menu. But this time round, I was not the one ordering, so my pocket was saved.


We ordered for the 2 veg dumplings on the menu, and lettuce cups.

Usually Chinese vegetarian food is quite bland, I love the blandness though. These dumplings had rich flavours, one was Mushroom and the other one was mix veg. They serve only 3-4 pieces, so order for more if you are a dumpling lover. In no time, we finished these.

There comes our lettuce cups, rice rolls, again few in number but the healthiest dish on our table. We finished in a jiffy. The sauce, you can see half in the photo, was to die for, I mean literally to die for. Have tons and tons of that.

Main Course:

For main course, we ordered for a veg fried rice, Chopsuey Chopsuey and Chilli Pepper tofu.

Fried rice was very unique, I have never tried something similar before.

Chopsuey Chopsuey was a medley of stir fried vegetables, exotic vegetables prepared very sophisticatedly with a little bit of sauce, again delicious.

And Chilli Pepper tofu was the highlight of the lunch, very soft, spicy and loaded with red chillies.

I am definitely going to this place again and again.

Tried Dishes: Mushroom Dumplings, Mix Veg Dumplings, Lettuce cups, Veg Fried Rice, Chopsuey Chopsuey and Chilli Pepper Tofu

Pocket load: SGD 40 – 50 per person

Coordinates for Chopsuey Café:

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