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So our Tradition continues.

I had overheard somebody saying that Valentino is really a recommended place for an authentic Italian Restaurant with many vegetarian options, and Trust me, I trust the person who said that (my trust is only limited to his Food reviews).

So we decided to try this on our Anniversary. I booked the place and we booked a Grab to reach there.

Once we entered the restaurant, though I have never been to Italy, and Godfather has become one of my favourite fiction too (because Kaushik loves it), I felt we are in Italy. My senses awaken now, ‘Ohh you are on this Tropical island’ – oh I was so happy in my dream.

We were given a table with a very good view of the restaurant.

Ahh the old décor, I have a thing for old looking décor, I love it at the time of olden days, wooden furniture, dim yellow lights, and more importantly where people really Laugh with each other in reality than writing “LOL” on face book walls. I was in Awe of this restaurant. I am still. And by the way, this is a Family run restaurant.

And one more point to note very specifically, the Staff is very courteous. If you have lived in Singapore for long, you know exactly what I mean here – pun intended. We were asked very nicely for our choices. Being a vegetarian, this looked like a feast to me. I never knew Italians like veggie stuff.

So we ordered Melanzane Alla Parmigiana, which is a baked eggplant with cheese and sauce. Eggplant has a special place in my heart, I never realised this until very recently, I am a big lover of European and Greek food, where majority of the Vegetarian dishes are made from eggplant and I have started relishing these. It comes with so much flavour and I have noticed the flavours get enhanced with Eggplant.

One more dish to go was Gnocchi agli Spinaci. What a creamy delicious dish it was. I am perpetually possessed by Gnocchi. It is a calorie bomb but you can run 30 mins more on the treadmill to burn what you have eaten. But do not miss this good food in life.

How could we not order the Pizza, we did, Verdure – pizza was like good and comparable to other restaurant pizzas.

While dinning, we spotted the Chef carrying an oversized food cover on a trolley, and slowly approaching one of the tables, gracefully opening the cover, speaking to the diners so kindly, grating ‘something’ upon their dish, I had all my antennas up. I thought it was our anniversary and why are we not given this preferential treatment L

Man !! It was the True Original Real Truffle, which I understand comes from only some concentrated regions, so this one of course was from Italy, Tuscany to be specific. We had almost finished our food so no scope of ordering, otherwise I would have had tonnes and tonnes of that to enrich my experience. Hey, but you know its not a bad idea to visit again and see if they have it available now.

I am going there again and again, until I get fed up of the place. So do look out for me the next time you go….you never know I will be hunting around.

Tried Dishes: Verdure Pizza, Melanzane Alla Parmigiana, Gnocchi Agli Spinaci

Pocket load: SGD 30 – 40 per person

Coordinates for https://goo.gl/maps/nCtSeY4nCqR2

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