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The Story:

I did not know which restaurant, what cuisine to book for my Husband’s bday. I did not know about him, but I wanted to go for an open air restaurant 😉 so I booked one.

We arrived at this place, around 12.30 pm on a Sunday, and do sit in the open area, it’s so much livelier, open air, sun light (not direct), and a beautiful view, since its situated near the turf club, the green fields are amazing to see during the day. And while you are just getting used to the surroundings you hear soft rock music, in house, the DJ plays very soothing but tripping music.

The DJ was the highlight of the restaurant precisely.

In terms of food, we had enough choices to survive but the DJ stole the show.

As it was K’s birthday, we called the chef.

The Food:

Here, the chef comes, really a delightful personality, he softly asked K about his choices, I thought he was trying to understand K’s taste and said ‘YES, I know exactly what you would like’, he sounded happy as if he has found some hidden treasure in a cove. He went in, prepared it and the waiter got this on our table.

It was a pasta, but little different than your regular ones. The sauce was pesto with a weird twist of veggies. K did not mind, he dug into it, and his expression was like, this is the perfect Sunday afternoon, delicious food, calming music, and my beautiful wife (‘liar’). Yaa but, I was happy that he is happy.

The second dish that we called for was Greek salad, usually I don’t order for salads when I go to these exotic places (why waste money leh). But I think it was the green surroundings that made me select Salad from the menu. And I think I made the right choice. The portion was good enough with the pasta.

The End:

Folks, sorry for the bad news, I heard lately, that this amazing brunch place in Singapore with vegetarian options, is shut for good. But please do look out for it, just in case it opens again in near future.

Tried Dishes: Special pasta (ask the chef), Greek Salad

Pocket load: SGD 30 – 50 per person

Coordinates for Tin Hill Social: https://goo.gl/maps/cdqT5Ete5AA2

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