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When you are with friends, all you think is World is such a good place to live. Unlike when you are with colleagues.

On one of the friendly evenings, we were discussing to get our pictures taken by a friend who is into photography by heart, soul and mind. In fact he is the one who volunteered. Of course we were interested. So we set our sail to this abandoned piece of land in Singapore. Which is right next to the private airport, Seletar. All the colonial bungalows have been converted to beautiful restaurants. And this Wheeler’s café sits right at the end, having a massive area.

A fully white painted 2 stories building, covered with fairy lights, surrounded by people and their pets, a local band sitting right at the end, playing music (mostly Chinese) but for the welfare of the rest of the crowd they play English classics also (you can make requests too). Woow !! This is indeed a scenic cafe in Singapore.

So we had our pictures taken earlier in the evening, and proceeded for our Dinner, again choices are limited but experience is good. Sometimes I trade off the food for the experience, well everytime I can’t have best of both the worlds.

We ordered in Pizza again, easily available and a safe choice – I was not disappointed. But I would rather go there for Coffee and desserts instead of dinner, being a vegetarian.

But when you want to take a long drive, to a peaceful location, away from the light pollution, this is the place to be. Abandoned !!

Here I have chosen to upload a pic from our shoot.

Tried Dishes: Veg Pizza

Pocket load: SGD 30 – 40 per person

Coordinates for Wheeler’s Estate: https://goo.gl/maps/Muie92NUW5w

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  • Inhye says:

    I love your photo! in case this comment does not tag to the post, I am referring the one with Wheeler’s Estate :))
    Your posting is really interesting! I enjoy reading your humorous yet serious articles 😀
    Looking forward to eating out with you guys 😀

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